Monday, 18 July 2011

LhfsNinontooee's Research!!!(Propaganda)

After the Great Depression that left the Germans in total Poverty and Jeopardy all over. Hitler used all these, including the various crimes broken out, and blamed them on the people he considered not of the Aryans( a “Perfect race” made up by Hitler, suggesting they were the real inhabitants of Nazi Germany) He used Propaganda, during his election rallies, to bring this over to his people. So they would have someone to put the blame on for their plight, therefore, many Germans turned to Hitler and his Nazi Party and with some even calling him, their last hope.
Hitler used propaganda to teach the Aryans that they are superior to other races, and thus, making them supports the Nazi’s plans to exterminate them or exclude them from the Reich. What we have seen above, is one expect I have found Hitler to have made use of propaganda. Therefore, from what we have seen above, the over view was that, Hitler to use Propaganda to get the public to believe what he wanted them to, so they would support him in his, and the Nazi’s plans
The Poster reads: " Hitler, our last hope"
By: Kelvin Lim (30) 3B (KL) 

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  1. Your research is easy to understand or the picture I think you might need to change it I have no access to it

    Hong Ken Wei 3B